O’Connor’s California Practice * Civil Pretrial 2012

By in Civil Law on July 20, 2013

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Chapter 1. General Concepts 1-A. Introduction to California Civil Procedure 1-B. Papers, Forms, Declarations & Affidavits 1-C. Pleading Practice 1-D. Law & Motion Practice 1-E. Ex Parte Practice 1-F. Filing Documents 1-G. Serving Documents 1-H. Hearings 1-I. Rulings & Orders Chapter 2. Attorneys & Judges 2-A. Application to Appear Pro Hac Vice 2-B. Attorney s Withdrawal or Removal 2-C. Motion to Disqualify Attorney 2-D. Motion & Statement to Disqualify Judge 2-E. Stipulation or Motion for Reference Chapter 3. Plaintiff s Lawsuit 3-A. Before Suit 3-B. Parties & Claims 3-C. Plaintiff s Original Complaint 3-D. Interpleader 3-E. Choosing the Court Subject-Matter Jurisdiction 3-F. Choosing the Court Venue 3-G. Joining the Defendant Personal Jurisdiction 3-H. Joining the Defendant Service of Process Chapter 4. Defendant s Responses & Pleadings 4-A. Overview 4-B. Answer 4-C. Cross-Complaint 4-D. Challenging Subject-Matter Jurisdiction 4-E. Motion to Transfer or Change Venue 4-F. Forum Non Conveniens 4-G. Motion to Quash Service of Summons 4-H. Demurrer 4-I. Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings 4-J. Motion to Strike 4-K. Special Motion to Strike Anti-SLAPP Motion 4-L. Special Motion to Strike Anti-SLAPPback Motion Chapter 5. Pretrial Motions 5-A. Civil Case Management 5-B. Motion for Preference 5-C. Intervention 5-D. Motion to Reclassify 5-E. Shortening Time 5-F. Extending Time 5-G. Motion for Reconsideration or Renewal 5-H. Relating, Consolidating & Coordinating Cases 5-I. Requests for Continuance or Stay 5-J. Request for Judicial Notice 5-K. Motion for Sanctions 5-L. Excluding Expert Testimony Chapter 6. Discovery & Privileges 6-A. Scope of Discovery 6-B. Attorney-Related Privileges 6-C. Business-Related Privileges 6-D. Spousal Privileges 6-E. Medical Privileges 6-F. Personal Privileges 6-G. Journalist Privileges & Immunities 6-H. Governmental Privileges 6-I. Mediation Exemption Chapter 7. Methods of Discovery 7-A. Rules for Conducting Discovery 7-B. Depositions 7-C. Interrogatories 7-D. Requests for Admission 7-E. Demands to Produce 7-F. Medical Examinations 7-G. Motion to Discover Financial Information 7-H. Electronic Discovery 7-I. Expert Discovery 7-J. Presuit Discovery Chapter 8. Subpoenas 8-A. General Subpoena Information 8-B. Deposition Subpoenas 8-C. Trial & Hearing Subpoenas 8-D. Subpoenas for Personal Records 8-E. Challenging & Enforcing Subpoenas Chapter 9. Resolving Discovery Disputes 9-A. Discovery Sanctions 9-B. Motion for Protective Order 9-C. Motion to Quash Depositions 9-D. Motion to Compel Depositions 9-E. Motion to Compel Written Discovery 9-F. Motion to Compel Discovery of Medical Information 9-G. Motion to Enforce Deposition Subpoena for Personal Records 9-H. Motion for Relief from Waiver of Objections Chapter 10. Disposition Without Trial 10-A. Default Judgment 10-B. Motion for Summary Judgment 10-C. Motion for Summary Adjudication 10-D. Motion for Summary Adjudication on Joint Stipulation 10-E. Voluntary Dismissal 10-F. Involuntary Dismissal Delay in Prosecution 10-G. Involuntary Dismissal Other Grounds What’s new Updated commentaries chapters incorporating new case law from 2011 and the beginning of 2012, as well as amendments to statutes (including the Civil Code, Code of Civil Procedure, Evidence Code, and Government Code), the Rules of Court, and Judicial Council Forms. Updated Evidence Code (printed in the back of the book) incorporating amendments from 2011 legislation. Two new subchapters: Motion for Summary Adjudication on Joint Stipulation, based on the amendments to Code of Civil Procedure §437c, and Excluding Expert Testimony. Many new annotations from case law interpreting the California Evidence Code.

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    Definitely Not a Replacement for Rutters, April 15, 2013

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    This review is from: O’Connor’s California Practice * Civil Pretrial 2012 (Paperback)

    Bought as a lightweight desk reference so I wouldn’t have to go the Rutters Civil Procedure Before Trial series. Well, that was an idea that crashed on the shores of reality. It really is very simple in analysis. I’d go as far as suggest it is black letter in analysis. If you have an online database to access, it works better than this book.

    If you don’t have Rutter’s and can’t afford the series, this book is a basic primer. I think I have opened it 7-8 times since purchasing nearly 8 months ago. Back to paying for the updates re Rutters!

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