The Gringo’s Guide to Immigration Reform for Employers

By in Emigration & Immigration on July 15, 2013

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Immigration reform in the United States is imminent. If the proposals on the table haven’t impacted your business yet, they will when law is passed. Forewarned is forearmed: “To be prepared is half the victory.” The Gringos Guide to Immigration Reform for Employers was written to do just that-prepare employers for new requirements in compliance, documentation and employer-employee relations. This book will teach you how to counteract undue union pressure, revise or create company policies and procedures, comply with new Form I-9 changes, manage healthcare benefits under ObamaCare, and more, including essential bonus material helpful for others who need to be preparing for changes now! Authors Jacob M. Monty and Sarah D. Monty-Arnoni bring many years of experience as legal counsel to both employers and foreign nationals to the pages of this book.

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