Encyclopedia of United States Indian Policy and Law Set: Encyclopedia of United States Indian Policy and Law (Two volume set)

By in Indigenous Peoples on July 12, 2013

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This is an essential reference on the reciprocal role that U.S. and Native policy and law have played in American political development. Created by a culturally diverse editorial board of major scholars and containing invaluable bibliographic material not found in other publications, this definitive two-volume set examines the history and impact of U.S. relations with Native Americans. Extensive essays trace policies from the Continental Congress to the present day – including the role that managing the ‘Indian question’ has played in American political development – while A to Z entries cover everything critical to a full understanding of the context to U.S./Native American relations, from history, politics, and sociology to civil rights and culture. The set is also the first reference of its kind to incorporate the expanding scholarship reflecting both the Native American viewpoint on and response to federal policies and initiatives over time.

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