Debtor in Possession Financing Orders Line by Line: A Detailed Look at Debtor in Possession Financing Orders and How to Change Them to Meet Your Needs

By in Bankruptcy on August 15, 2013

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Debtor in Possession Financing Orders Line by Line provides comprehensive guidance regarding the entire process of evaluating, negotiating, and documenting financing arrangements in bankruptcy cases. This book provides practical advice for counseling and advising both debtors and creditors through the process, regardless of experience level. The book explains the role of the bankruptcy court in reviewing debtor in possession financing requests, its impact on the process, and the approval order that is ultimately entered by the bankruptcy court. Offering in-depth explanations of concepts, practical advice on methodologies, and suggestions of best practices, this book covers topics such as adequate protection, roll-up financing, lien priority and perfection, use of cash collateral, default provisions, carve-outs, and documentation. Debtor in Possession Financing Orders Line by Line is a comprehensive and integrated book on post-petition financing and is an indispensable resource for both practitioners and would-be practitioners alike.

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