Research Handbook on Insider Trading (Research Handbooks in Corporate Law and Governance) (Elgar Original reference)

By in Commercial on July 6, 2013

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In most capital markets, insider trading is the most common violation of securities law. It is also the most well known, inspiring countless movie plots and attracting scholars with a broad range of backgrounds and interests, from pure legal doctrine to empirical analysis to complex economic theory. This volume brings together original cutting-edge research in these and other areas written by leading experts in insider trading law and economics.

The Handbook begins with a section devoted to legal issues surrounding the US’s ban on insider trading, which is one of the oldest and most energetically enforced in the world. Using this section as a foundation, contributors go on to discuss several specific court cases as well as important developments in empirical research on the subject. The Handbook concludes with a section devoted to international perspectives, providing insight into insider trading laws in China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the European Union.

This timely and comprehensive volume will appeal to students and professors of law and economics, as well as scholars, researchers and practitioners with an interest in insider trading.

Contributors: K. Alexander, S.M. Bainbridge, L.N. Beny, S.F. Diamond, J. Fisch, J.M. Heminway, M.T. Henderson, N.C. Howson, H. Huang, K. Kendall, S.H. Kim, T.A. Lambert, K. Langenbucher, D.C. Langevoort, H.G. Manne, M. Nelemans, A. Padilla, A.C. Pritchard, J.M. Ramseyer, M.C. Schouten, H.N. Seyhun, A.F. Simpson, J.W. Verret, G. Walker

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