Variable Annuities & Variable Life Insurance Regulation (Practising Law Institute’s Corporate and Securities Law Libr)

By in Insurance Law on March 6, 2013

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The regulation of variable insurance products routinely grows more complex each year. Today s financial crisis will certainly accelerate regulatory changes and make it more difficult to keep track of new developments. PLI s Variable Annuities & Variable Life Insurance Regulation can ensure you stay fully up to speed with new standards. This thorough and accessible guide sheds useful light on the federal and state rules governing these popular instruments and clarifies the professional duties and compliance responsibilities of the key players in this market. Every vital area is covered for you in Variable Annuities & Variable Life Insurance Regulation from product design, approval, administration and distribution, to marketing guidelines, suitability obligations, SEC inspections, and special investment products, including the structure, regulation, taxation, and viability of private placements and offshore insurance products. Also included is important insight into ERISA issues, the latest efforts at industry standardization, and SEC enforcement trends. Updated at least once a year, Variable Annuities & Variable Life Insurance Regulation is a vital reference for securities professionals and attorneys, compliance officers, federal and state regulators, general practitioners, and investors.

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