Conducting Due Diligence in a Securities Offering

By in Securities on September 18, 2013

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Today s major financial scandals demonstrate what can happen when investigators fail to uncover illegal activity because they failed to do effective background searches. PLI s new Conducting Due Diligence in a Securities Offering provides you with clear, step-by-step legal and procedural information that helps ensure you to do a thorough investigation of a company s records and its top managers and reduce the potential for legal problems down the road. Featuring case histories that illustrate proper due diligence techniques, this practical, timesaving tool shows you how to dig deeper even when you are under tight deadlines, including how to fully review documents, conduct productive in-person and telephone interviews, use computers to do more cost-effective background searches, speed the process by using detailed questionnaires, and get help from outside investigators. Included is coverage of typical due diligence mistakes and traps and how to avoid them. Updated at least once a year, Conducting Due Diligence in a Securities Offering is a crucial resource for attorneys, accountants, auditors, corporate executives, and securities professionals.

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