Serial Murderers and their Victims

By in Criminal Procedure on March 4, 2013

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This text provides an in-depth, scholarly, and broad-based examination of serial murderers and their victims. The coverage is supported by extensive data and research, and it profiles some of the most prominent murderers of our time. Author Eric Hickey examines the lives of over 400 serial murderers, analyzing the cultural, historical, and religious factors that influence our myths and stereotypes of these individuals. He then describes the biological, psychological, and sociological reasons for serial murder, offering his own Trauma-Control model for explaining serial murder behavior.

3 thoughts on “Serial Murderers and their Victims

  1. Michael R. Tobin
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Once you pick it up…There’s no way you can put it down, August 24, 1999
    By A Customer

    Just when you thought you were inside the mind of a serialkiller…Hickey lets you know just how close or far away you reallyare. This book goes in depth when explaining the symptoms, mechanics, responses, and composure of a serial killer. Equipped with psychological and criminal definitions once thought were out of the realm of understanding, Hickey gracefully applies them to the common persons understanding. The one thing better than reading his material is actually attending one of his seminars, interviews, or better yet his criminology class (153)…Beware of what you read at NIGHT!!!

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  2. 2
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    This book offers unique and stunning insight., March 26, 1999
    By A Customer

    I read the 1991 edition of this book,but I am sure the current edition is just as good, if not better. Now I am aware of it, I am eager to read it. This book changed the way I thought about serial killers. The value of Hickey’s book stems from its lack of lurid sensationalism. He looks at the offenders with unflinching honesty, while profiling victims with touching deference to their suffering. The letter from a victim’s mother is quietly heartbreaking. His statitics and research are invaluable tools. I have done three research projects on serial killers,and this book is always my primary source. It is a must read for law and justice personnel.

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  3. 3
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    The gem in the field., July 12, 2007
    Michael R. Tobin (Australia) –

    Of the many, many books I have read on this topic (which is one of my areas of interests) this is book is by far the best one I have read. This would be, in my opinion the most complete, informative and unbiased work on the subject.
    The book covers just about everything most readers would like covered on Serial Murder. It covers fact, fiction, history, definitions, in fact everything you could imagine. I could not believe just how much is packed into the 380 odd pages.
    Not only is the book a wealth of knowledge on the subject (and many related areas eg Stalking, Insanity Defences) but is also loaded with ‘Profiles’ of many individuals (and teams) to illustrate the area under discussion. Many tables also provide interesting reading.
    The book also looks at the phenomina of Serial Murder in countries other than the USA.
    Another thing I really like is the way Hickey presents various aspects and theories. Hickey discusses all the theories, views etc along with their apparent strenghts and weaknesses. For example, other authors I have read flatly dump the FBI Psychological Profiling Model. Hickly presents all the pros and cons on the topic in a very unbiased manner.
    This book is not just a good book, it is a great book. It is a ‘must have’ in your collection, if this is your area of interest or you really want to learn about it. If someone asked me for just one book to read on Serial Murder, this would be the one. It covers so many topics within a topic, yet it is concise and very readable. The average person with no knowledge on this topic would walk away with a good ‘working knowledge’.
    I have read the book twice and have now been drawn back to a third read.
    I will now be searching for other works by this author and congratulate him on a ‘classic’.

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