Tactical Crime Analysis: Research and Investigation

By in Forensic Science on March 21, 2013

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Research has shown that the majority of crimes are committed by persistent or serial offenders, with as little as seven percent of offenders accounting for approximately 60 percent of all crimes. By focusing police efforts on these prolific offenders and learning to identify, analyze, and resolve the crimes they commit, the law enforcement community can protect and defend the public much more effectively. Tactical Crime Analysis: Research and Investigation provides a comprehensive discussion on both the theoretical and practical aspects of crime series analysis, making it a critical resource for those engaged in crime prevention and investigation.

Appropriate for all levels

Written by a distinctive team of authors, each of whom combine academic credibility, police experience, and years of analytical success, this manual is designed for the novice, the working professional, and the veteran crime analyst. It provides an introduction to the realities of tactical crime analysis, assists current analysts in further developing their professional skills, and offers advanced insight for experts.

Covering all aspects of serial crime investigation, the book explores:

  • Major problems and issues within serial crime
  • Offender spatial behavior
  • Linkage analysis
  • Investigative techniques
  • Geographic profiling
  • Next event forecasting

Supplemental materials to enhance the text

This multi-faceted resource includes an interview with a serial offender, case studies of solved serial crimes, and an accompanying website with supplemental material. An important addition to the reference shelf of analytical professionals, this resource provides a revealing glimpse into the machinations of the serial offender.

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