Understanding Criminal Procedure: Volume One, Investigation

By in Criminal Law on March 1, 2013

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The fifth edition of Understanding Criminal Procedure is new in many respects. Most significantly, it has been enlarged to two volumes. The first volume is intended for use in criminal procedure courses focusing primarily or exclusively on police investigatory process. Such courses are variously titled: Criminal Procedure I; Criminal Procedure: Investigation; Criminal Procedure: Police Practices; Constitutional Criminal Procedure; etc. Because some such courses also cover the defendant’s right to counsel at trial and appeal, the first volume includes a chapter on this non-police-practice issue. (The latter chapter is also included in Volume Two.)

The second volume of Understanding Criminal Procedure covers the criminal process after the police investigation ends, and the adjudicative process commences. This book is useful in criminal procedure courses (variously entitled Criminal Procedure II; Criminal Procedure: Adjudication; etc.) that follow the criminal process through the various stages of adjudication, commencing with pretrial issues — such as charging, pretrial release and discovery — and continuing with the trial itself and then post-conviction proceedings: sentencing and appeals.

Understanding Criminal Procedure is primarily designed for law students. The authors have written the Text so that students can use it with confidence that it will assist them in course preparation, and professors can recommend or assign the volumes to students with confidence that they will improve classroom dialogue.

Based on comments that the authors received in the past from students and professors alike, they predict that this new, expanded edition of Understanding Criminal Procedure will serve the needs of students and professors even better. Also, based on the experience of prior editions, including citations to this Text in scholarly literature and judicial opinions, we are confident that the two volumes will prove useful to scholars, practicing lawyers, and courts.

Understanding Criminal Procedure covers the most important United States Supreme Court cases in the field. Where pertinent, the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, federal statutes, and lower federal and state court cases are considered. The broad overarching policy issues of criminal procedure are laid out; and some of the hottest debates in the field are considered in depth and, we think, objectively. Readers should find the Text user-friendly. Students who want a thorough grasp of a topic can and should read the relevant chapter in its entirety. However, each chapter is divided into subsections, so that readers with more refined research needs can find answers to their questions efficiently. The authors also include citations to important scholarship, both classic and recent, into which readers may delve more deeply regarding specific topics. And, because so many of the topics interrelate, cross-referencing footnotes are included, so that readers can easily move from one part of the Text to another, if necessary.

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    Great for class, April 30, 2011

    This review is from: Understanding Criminal Procedure: Volume One, Investigation (Paperback)

    This is an excellent supplement for Dressler’s Crim Pro Investigations Class (Fordham 2011). It is on point with his lecture and syllabus at every turn. I probably could have gone with just this hornbook and lecture, skipping the textbook. I’m sure its also great for a student in any Crim Pro/4th Amendment class.

    That being said, this is not the book for everyday practitioners. The rules of procedure are not made to stand out clearly, and are hidden deep within pages of policy and history discussion. If you are a super lawyer with the ACLU who has to brief SCOTUS on Fourth Amendment law–this is definitely an incredible resource. It has all the information, policy, history, etc. that you could ever want or need. If you are an everyday practitioner or ADA, I suggest something more concise.

    I do find it “temporarily distracting” that the chapters alternate between female and male gendered subjects.

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    Excellent!, September 6, 2012

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    I was very happy with the product I received. It was in excellent condition and arrived promptly. No complaints here.

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