Essential English/Spanish and Spanish/English Legal Dictionary

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With more than 45,000 entries covering all areas of law, plus relevant terms in related spheres of expertise, this new Essential Edition is based on the popular Third Edition of the English/Spanish and Spanish/English Legal Dictionary.

These are the dictionaries that lawyers, law students, translators, and those working in English and Spanish in law and associated fields have been trusting since the First Edition was published in 1993.

Because of its straightforward and naturally intuitive format, there are no special rules or indications for effective use of the Essential English/Spanish and Spanish/English Legal Dictionary. Users simply look up a word or phrase, get the equivalent, and return to their legal work. The general presentation of the dictionary is easy to read, and facilitates finding the desired terms and equivalents with the least time and effort. The convenient paperback format makes it a must-have for school, home, and the office.

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    Author can’t write, April 5, 2012

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    This review is from: Essential English/Spanish and Spanish/English Legal Dictionary (Paperback)

    I honestly don’t know whether the entries in this dictionary are any good or not, but frankly I’m suspicious after reading the preface that the author’s translations can’t be trusted. Here are my humble critiques so you can judge for yourself:

    In English: “The Internet was used extensively throughout the preparation of this Dictionary”
    This was translated as “El Internet se usó extensamente a través de la preparación de este diccionario”
    This just sounds awkward to me. Am I crazy? I question the gracefulness of the word order in “El Internet se usó”, the use of “a través de” to mean “throughout” in this context (maybe “durante” would have been better?), and “Dictionary” does not need to be capitalized after “this” (if he’d capitalized Dictionary after “the”, referring to his own book, this might have been tacky, but technically correct).

    The sentence continues, “and if multiple people in serious endeavors used a given term in the areas covered by this Dictionary, it is quite likely to be included here.”
    What? Seriously? That just sounds so weird.

    And of course it was translated literally, “si múltiples personas en asuntos serios usaron un término dado…”
    It just sounds so awkward. And it is so obvious that English is the language of origin. I feel like that’s a sign of a good or bad translation – whether you can tell which language the text originated in.

    He continues, “Even so, if a user feels that there are terms that should be added…or wishes to otherwise comment…an email may be sent…”
    A user would not wish to “otherwise comment” — a user might “otherwise wish to comment.”
    This was translated as “o desea de algun otro modo comentar”, suggesting there is some other “modo” by which to comentar. What was the first modo de comentar?

    The English “Any such emails will certainly be appreciated” is translated as “se agradecerán tales emails, desde luego” — or “the emails will be thankful, of course.”

    Also, I know this has nothing to do with the content of the translations, but I really did not care for the dedication. The book is dedicated to “nice people”. “In a society that encourages and rewards lies, greed, exploitation, manipulation, intolerance, violence, hate, cruelty, ignorance, fear, rudeness, conformism, unimaginativeness, and superficiality, you are true anarchists.” I just don’t know what to make of that. That’s a lot of unhappy words in there for one legal dictionary.

    Finally, if you are looking for a dictionary for translation/interpretation purposes, you may want to consider that the English-Spanish section is over 320 pages long, while the Spanish-English section is just 200. This book seems to be pretty clearly directed at English speakers, which raises a red flag in my mind. I need the Spanish and English to be equally valid/authentic and books marketed to Spanish-speakers as well as English speakers make me more comfortable.

    I am going to give Diccionario Juridico-Empresarial Español/Ingles/Español by Veronique Bedoutchian-Saiz a try. Crossing my fingers!

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    Good!, March 26, 2012

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    This review is from: Essential English/Spanish and Spanish/English Legal Dictionary (Paperback)

    the purchase was excelent, this is very useful, the delivery was on time without any problem, i recommended a lot this book i bought another one and is in very good conditions too

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