The Trustee’s Legal Companion: A Step-by-Step Guide to Administering a Living Trust

By in Estates & Trusts on February 5, 2013

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Each year, more than two million American families must deal with a loved one’s death. For those who have inherited the job of wrapping up the deceased’s living trust the task may feel honorable, but can also be highly stressful and confusing, leaving the trustee unsure of where to start.The Trustee’s Legal Companion shows bewildered trustees exactly how to proceed. From handling required paperwork to keeping beneficiaries informed, to working with professionals, trustees will get the guidance they need to distribute survivors’ money and property legally, by terms. It covers: what the job of trustee entails; determining if one should serve as trustee; finding and working with experts; assets that should be in the trust but aren’t; handling property that passes outside the trust; subtrust funding;managing an ongoing trust; payment of taxes and keeping of records; working with professional advisers; terminating the trust. The Trustee’s Legal Companion is written with an understanding of the human element of the job, offering trustees peace of mind at a difficult time, while providing legal clarity, and saving them time and money.

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