Work Less, Live More: The Way to Semi-Retirement

By in Estates & Trusts on March 5, 2013

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Most people are overextended, and overstressed—and feel that the thrill is gone from their worklives. Even those who are not mired in debt or struggling to save for retirement feel they have no choice but to keep slogging away until age 65. The book teaches how to make early semiretirement work, built on: sensible spending,a rational investing method based on Nobel Prize winning research, a safe lifelong withdrawal rate system, and psychological adjustments needed to live a life outside the dominant culture of consumption and overwork.

2 thoughts on “Work Less, Live More: The Way to Semi-Retirement

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    Relevant, straightforward advice on investing and lifestyle issues faced by all retirees, early and late., December 5, 2005
    T. Clyatt

    As one of the early semi-retirees profiled in the book and related to the author, it would be fair to suspect my recommendations here, but I can assure you that Bob has written a complete and concise book addressing the issues to be faced if you wish to break out of the day to day grind of the modern day work force. It may seem like I would be automatically privy to all of this information by virtue of my relation, but the plain truth is that I needed this book, especially the detailed information about where to put my money to make it work the hardest for me. All of the theories and studies from the last 75 years have been boiled down to easily digested and implemented solutions, which I am now in the process of carrying out. Bob also addresses lifestyle issues that I am currently going through, and it helps to know that I am not unique in the problems I am facing regarding constructive use of my time and mind. This information alone is important to all retirees, early or not. It is critical to all humans that we have something stimulating to do every day to avoid sliding into early dementia and depression. Bob covers these subjects and more from an experienced point of view. (This is not to infer that he suffers from dementia, at least not the type brought on by early retirement!)

    Bottom line is that for the price of 3 Happy Meals you can set an incredible foundation for the rest of your life, no matter when you actually leave the work force.

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    the Bible of a balanced life, November 29, 2005
    K. Knox (Boulder, CO USA) –

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    This is the most useful and carefully written of literally dozens of

    books on retirement and financial planning I’ve read. As a writer myself

    I appreciate how hard it is to write so clearly and concisely about

    complex matters. There’s a tremendous amount of research and expertise

    backing up every section of the book, and the investment planning section

    in particular is superb.

    Mr. Clyatt’s expertise is made all the more accessible by his obvious

    warmth and compassion for the difficulties faced by anyone contemplating

    a full or partial retreat from the world of full-time work.

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