Adopting in America: How To Adopt Within One Year

By in Parental & Juvenile on February 22, 2013

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Authored by one of the nation’s leading adoption attorneys, ADOPTING IN AMERICA is the ultimate “how to” book for anyone thinking of adopting. Written in a clear style, it details every type of adoption. This includes not just the standard types (domestic independent, agency and international) covered in other books, but a total of 14 subtypes, including little-known options like non-resident adoption, permitted in 26 states. (These states allow adoptive parents from other states to complete their adoption in their state even though the adoptive parents don’t live there, if the minor is born there. This gives adoptive parents greater flexibility to complete their adoption in a state with more favorable adoption laws, procedures and options than their home state.) Particular attention is given to the adoption desired by most adoptive parents: a healthy newborn, including how to network for, and be selected by, a birth mother. The book also includes: Special strategies for success in adopting quickly (particularly when seeking a newborn adoption) known only to top adoption attorneys; a review of key legal issues and how to navigate them safely; how to spot red flags to a risky adoption; how to select the best adoption agency or attorney; how to obtain free medical benefits for the baby; the federal adoption tax credit of ,650; a review of each state’s unique adoption laws, with biographies of each state’s members of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys (over 300 nationally). There are also sample photo-resume letters and networking cover letters. Includes detailed appendices and index.

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    A very informative book on adoption., December 22, 1999

    This book is so easily understood that I was not able to put it down and read it in two nights! It gave me so much information that I needed to feel confident in my knowldge of adoption, especially open adoption. There is a whole chapter that lists all the states with adgencies, adoption attorneys and helpful information regarding adoption in each of those states. This is a book to have as a reference throughout the adoption experience. Although I read the book from the library, I plan to buy my own for reference. I think anyone considering adoption should read this book over and over again!

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    This is a great book!, September 9, 2002
    Jan Waylington (Bellingham, WA) –

    This is one of four how-to adoption books my husband and I bought in our plan to start an adoption. It was BY FAR the best. It was clearly written and laid out the information just as I would have done. The amount of detail was increadible, as no other books came close. We loved the step-by-step approach, and the insightful tips the author gave on finding a qualified agency or attorney, and how to eliminate the ones to avoid. He bluntly says what others seem to hesitate to do. He is an adoption attorney himself, and his tips are great.

    The first half of the book was a wonderful step-by-stop approach, from basics (meeting a birth mother, networking, finding an agency or attorney) to technical things we need to know (birth mother consent laws, spotting risky adoptions, federal legal issues which can sometimes affect state law – in general, how to protect yourself).

    The second half was a state-by-state review of each state’s unique laws. It also listed each licensed agency in that state, as well as adoption attorneys and their bios.

    This book was GREAT! The best part of all… We found our attorney through advice in this book, and she turned out to be great. We found a birth mother through the advice on networking in the book. Our son was born July 2, 2002 and we will soon be finalizing our adoption!

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