Child Custody, Visitation and Support in Texas, 2E (Legal Survival Guides)

By in Parental & Juvenile on May 9, 2013

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With the divorce rate in the United States above 50%, more parents are being faced with difficult situations involving their children. Whether it’s difficulty seeing them on a regular basis, being denied visitation altogether, watching their children be neglected or abused, not receiving enough child support, or not receiving any monetary support at all, parents increasingly find themselves in the court debating issues that involve their children. This book is designed to let parents know their legal rights and help them take their case through the court system.

In simple language, this book tells you:

–How to get custody in Texas
–How to understand Texas family court procedure
–How to modify a custody, visitation, or support order
–How to take in case of kidnapping or abuse
–How to get sole or joint custody
–How to terminated parental rights
–How to calculate child support in Texas
–How to prove paternity

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