Nolo’s Patents for Beginners

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Patents are explained in this clear guide to every step of the patenting process.

Do you have a great idea for a product? Do you toil away in an office, garage or basement lab day by day in the hopes of bringing a new widget to life? What will you do when it’s alive and kicking?

Here’s the primer every first-time inventor needs. Packed with detailed information and concise explanations, Nolo’s Patents for Beginners defines what a patent is and what it can do for you. Step by step, it explains how to:

– use basic patent principles
– document an invention
– conduct a patent search
– acquire patent rights
– “read” an application
– determine patent ownership
– analyze disputes
– find patent information
– interpret international patent law

Nolo’s Patents for Beginners provides sample forms and letters, resources and a glossary of terms. This edition is completely revised to cover all changes in patent case law and updated regulations for inventors applying for a patent.

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