How To Get Into Harvard Law School

By in Law School Guides on March 15, 2013

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3 thoughts on “How To Get Into Harvard Law School

  1. C. Fung "iluvchis"
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    2.0 out of 5 stars
    Save your money, February 5, 2001
    C. Fung “iluvchis” (New York, NY USA) –

    You’re going to be attracted to this book no matter what I tell you. You’ll buy it because you want to see what your competition is, you want to know if you’re “up there” with the rest of them. This book will do nothing but introduce doubt for you. This book is filled with people who got 4.5 and above GPAs and LSAT scores of 170 and better. You already know from looking at Harvard’s statistics that these are the scores you need to get in, so why do you need this book to reinforce the idea? The experiences of the people in this book are so varied that it really doesn’t help to read them. All it really tells you is that Harvard looks for a diverse group of students who all scored well on the LSAT and did very well in college. This is nothing that you don’t already know. Personally, I think most people in the book were annoying. They are the type who are so proud of themselves that they decided to broadcast their scores and experiences to the public in a book. It’s an advertisement for egomaniacs. If you’re applying to law school right now, you can’t go back in time and change your GPA or college activities. You can only concentrate on you LSAT scores. Save your money and buy some LSAT review books or take a Kaplan course. (I give it two stars instead of one b/c it might help someone who is still in college. You can read this and see that you have to work damn hard in school and get good grades to get into Harvard law school).

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  2. 2
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    you don’t have to spend money on this book, July 11, 2003
    By A Customer

    i will tell you precisely how to get into harvard law school:

    a) buy your admission or

    b) be related to a dean of admissions or

    c) earn excellent grades and a high lsat score from a reputable college, and don’t come off as a jerk in your essay.

    beyond that there is no other tactic at your disposal. no book will ever get you into an ivy league law school, and if you are looking for essay advice then you can find it online for free. there is a copy of this book in the career services office of my college. there is basically a copy of this book available on harvard’s website (all the info is there).

    you can only exemplify your worth to harvard through the choices that you have made in your academic career. that means if the extent of your extracurricular involvement was setting up the keg for that frat party frosh year, or you find yourself as a senior with a 3.2 GPA, your salvation will not be contained in this book. allay the desperation, and get some work experience.

    good luck with your search, and discriminate against anyone who is trying to sell you something.

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  3. 3
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    Better look elsewhere, June 29, 1999
    By A Customer

    If you’re looking for serious assistance on getting into one of the most selective programs in the world, this is not the right book. The author is obviously quite taken with his school, but I could have done without the dissertation on the drawbacks of student housing and more detailed information on the admissions process. “Step 1…Step 2…” may have been too simplistic an approach but this book does not offer any insight at all. Instead, it offers the words of a large group of rather egotistical, self-congratulatory Harvard law students who, according to them, all knew without a doubt they were going to be admitted because of their fabulous grades. I already knew grades were important. I was looking for some other information and it was not in this book.

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