10 Actual, Official Recent LSAT PrepTests: Official LSAT PrepTests 41-50 (Cambridge LSAT)

By in Test Preparation on March 15, 2013

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Simulate the Test-Taking Experience

With so much official LSAT content available, how many full-length tests should you take prior to sitting for the actual exam? Like many aspects of LSAT prep, the answer to this question depends largely on the individual. Once you have mastered the various concepts of the three multiple-choice section types, it is important to incorporate timed practice into your preparation. Previously-administered LSATs provide the best endurance training and allow you to gauge your likely score range. In this volume, Cambridge LSAT compiles ten recent PrepTests, administered from October 2003 through September 2006. Each test includes Writing Sample materials, scoring tables, and an answer sheet.

Included Tests
o PrepTest 41 (October 2003)
o PrepTest 42 (December 2003)
o PrepTest 43 (June 2004)
o PrepTest 44 (October 2004)
o PrepTest 45 (December 2004)
o PrepTest 46 (June 2005)
o PrepTest 47 (October 2005)
o PrepTest 48 (December 2005)
o PrepTest 49 (June 2006)
o PrepTest 50 (September 2006)

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