Ace the LSAT Logic Games

By in Test Preparation on July 20, 2013

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ACE is recommended by LSAT-prep teachers for one reason, it works. LSAC does not want you to see this book! When parts of ACE were posted on YouTube, LSAC (the LSAT creators) thought the games were from previous LSAT. Yes, ACE is really that good! It’s good enough to fool LSAC. It’s good enough to help you ACE the games. We are so confident that you will love ACE that we offer an unconditional money-back guarantee. Plus, if your games score does not improve after using ACE, we will give you double your money back. No other book makes this guarantee. Not one. Updated every year since it’s initial publication in 2006, ACE continues to be “the gold standard for teaching the logic games.”

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  1. acain "acain"
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    Best book for the Games, December 18, 2006
    acain “acain” (acain) –

    This review is from: Ace the LSAT Logic Games (Paperback)

    I wasn’t improving on games, so I decided to buy a games-only book. For most books a reviewer swears either that the book saved their life or that it brought them only grief and misery. I couldn’t figure how the same book can be received so differently so I just bought all the games books (there are something like 8 of them). I didn’t use all of them. I returned the ones that didn’t measure up, I just had to pay a few bucks for return shipping.

    I immediately returned the Arco and McGraw Hill books, they were clearly unrealistic (most other reviews share my opinion). The Kaplan book didn’t cover anything that wasn’t in their general LSAT book I had, so I retuned it too.

    The Fat Genius book was very tough to work with because the visual quality is so bad it is distracting. The methods were okay, nothing amazing, but nothing invalid. It only has 12 real games from old LSATs, and I had seen some of them already, still not a big deal. It was an okay book, so I kept it. The powerscore book had been so positvely reviewed I figured it was going to work like magic. It didn’t live up to expectations. It has 21 real games, but they were really old and I had seen many of them, still, not a big deal, practice is practice, right? The methods were fine, fairly standard stuff, and the layout was a lot easier to read. But, at $60 the powerscore book is really expensive, like college textbook expensive. I couldn’t justify spending that much for a book that was not uniquely helpful, so I sent it back.

    I was pleasantly surprised by the Ace the Games book. It was a sleeper because it didn’t have any reviews. It is much bigger (at 520 pages) then both the Fat genius (200 pages) and powerscore (230 pages) books combined. It has 80+ games, and 12 are from the most recent three LSATs given last year. It has twice as many games as the other two books combined and its games are more recent. Best of all, it costs one-third as much as the other two books. I definitely kept it, it was the best value.

    If you are only going to buy one book because you are short on time or money, get the Ace book. Or, if you have more time and want to play it safe, do what I did and buy several. Then return the ones you don’t want after you look them over.

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  2. 2
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    A good mix of tutorial advice with decent problems, September 13, 2006

    This review is from: Ace the LSAT Logic Games (Paperback)

    The book contains 71 original problems as well as 12 more from LSATs 46-48.

    I have to admit that I didn’t buy this book for the tutorial advice as I had already done a reasonable amount of games and just wanted more games for practice. I did however, still go through the book and didn’t skip right to the games.

    I found the tutorial advice quite good. I wasn’t particularly fond of the way they presented their diagrams in the book. But perhaps that was just my personal preference. The diagrams seemed to just be what was easy to typeset, not how a person would actually write on a piece of paper with a pencil.

    This book is the only book out there that actually gives you some advice on how to organize the space on your test booklet since you won’t be allowed to bring in scrap paper. I thought this was a nice touch.

    When I originally started going through the problems, I found them a little bit tougher than they needed to be. Did *every* problem need to be an unbalanced game? The book even says that circular, mapping, matrix games are all but obselete. Yet I kept encountering them in their practice sets. I also found that I couldn’t quite finish their sets in 35 minutes. And often the problems were so verbose, it took my 2-3 minutes just to get through the rules and diagramming. Games on today’s LSATs are much tighter and cleaner than most of the problems in the book. The book’s problems seemed more heavy and clunky – at least to me. A lot of the problems take up an entire page, so there’s no room to work on the problem even if you wanted to write in the book.

    Regardless, I did find the book helpful. It’s obviously better to practice with harder questions than you are likely to encounter rather than easy ones.

    I would recommend this book as a source of problems for anyone looking for some tougher questions to do as practice.

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