An Introduction To the American Legal System, Third Edition (Aspen College Series)

By in Legal History on May 11, 2013

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An Introduction to the American Legal System is a comprehensive introductory text designed for paralegal and criminal justice students, general education, and political science undergraduates. Organized sequentially, it begins with the foundations of the law and continues through the major bodies of law to legislation and procedure. Accessible to students with no background in legal studies, it summarizes “Cases in Point” to illustrate how the law applies to real-world situations. Chapter learning objectives and outlines keep students focused, and provocative questions stimulate vigorous classroom debate.

The Third Edition offers updated laws, discussion questions and references throughout, and introduces new, Internet-based content with Loislaw exercises.


  • A clear, accessible survey of the history and structure of the American legal system.
  • A sensible four-part organization that begins with the origins of the law and continues logically through legislation and procedure.
  • A well-crafted design includes learning objectives and chapter outlines.
  • “Cases in Point” concisely illustrate how the law applies in the real world.
  • Highly relatable, with real-life examples from a range of disciplines.
  • Questions for discussion in every chapter point to high-interest issues for debate.
  • Discussions of key U.S. Supreme Court decisions, such as Hamdan v. Rumsfeld, Crawford v. Washington, and Kennedy v. Louisiana.
  • Contemporary topical coverage, such as the USA Patriot Act and international terrorism.
  • Convenient Glossary of Legal Terms and The Constitution of the United States of America in the Appendices.

The Third Edition includes

  • Thorough updates to all laws, discussion questions and references.
  • New, Internet-based content, including Loislaw exercises.

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