Women and Policing: Classic and Contemporary Readings (Aspen College)

By in Gender & the Law on March 12, 2013

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Virtually unique in the field, Women and Policing in America deals with women as criminal justice professionals, rather than as victims or perpetrators. It is the only coursebook offering a diverse selection of peer-reviewed articles devoted to women in American policing. With comprehensive, accessible chapter introductions by co-authors who are among the most authoritative and respected professionals in the field, Women and Policing in America will become a foundational text for this rapidly growing area of research, college study and employment.

Hallmark features of Women and Policing in America:

Foundational, peer-reviewed articles on provocative topics, including:

    • Tribal policing.
    • Minority female officers.
    • Lesbian officers.
    • Police women in administrative roles.
    • Affirmative action, unions, and female police employment.
    • Use of force.
    • Gender and stress.
    • Diverse readings cover the chronology of and context for:
      • Issues spanning the entire arc of a female police officer’s career.
      • Developments affecting women in American policing.
      • History of women in policing–from the first police matrons to today’s female police chiefs.
    • Comprehensive, accessible chapter introductions by authoritative co-authors place readings in context.
    • Challenging, engaging overviews of each topic.
    • Extensive reference lists, suggested readings, and areas for future research.
    • Chapter 1. The History of Women in Policing
    • Chapter 2. Hiring, Training, Retention, and Promotion
    • Chapter 3 The Police Role and the Acceptance of Women in Policing
    • Chapter 4. Workplace Experiences of Women in Policing
    • Chapter 5. Police Practices: Women on Patrol
    • Chapter 6. The Future of Women in Policing

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