Deciding to Decide: Agenda Setting in the United States Supreme Court

By in Judicial System on March 6, 2013

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Of the nearly five thousand cases presented to the Supreme Court each year, less than 5 percent are granted review. How the Court sets its agenda, therefore, is perhaps as important as how it decides cases. H. W. Perry, Jr., takes the first hard look at the internal workings of the Supreme Court, illuminating its agenda-setting policies, procedures, and priorities as never before. He conveys a wealth of new information in clear prose and integrates insights he gathered in unprecedented interviews with five justices. For this unique study Perry also interviewed four U.S. solicitors general, several deputy solicitors general, seven judges on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, and sixty-four former Supreme Court law clerks.

The clerks and justices spoke frankly with Perry, and his skillful analysis of their responses is the mainspring of this book. His engaging report demystifies the Court, bringing it vividly to life for general readers–as well as political scientists and a wide spectrum of readers throughout the legal profession. Perry not only provides previously unpublished information on how the Court operates but also gives us a new way of thinking about the institution. Among his contributions is a decision-making model that is more convincing and persuasive than the standard model for explaining judicial behavior.

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  1. Rosemary A. Gordon "Appeals1"
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    good insight into the cert. process, April 26, 2000
    Rosemary A. Gordon “Appeals1” (Tucson, AZ USA) –

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    This review is from: Deciding to Decide: Agenda Setting in the United States Supreme Court (Paperback)

    Perry uses extensive interviews with former clerks and Justices to gather his data on the cert. process in the United States Supreme Court. He presents the information in a very readable format that provides brings to light why some cases get heard and others don’t. Ultimately he presents a decision making model that takes into consideration both the individual justices, the factors influencing cert., and the purpose of the Court. This book gives the reader a good look at the cert. process from the inside and from a non-legal perspective. It is a must read for any attorney thinking of writing a cert. petition. This book would be interesting for anyone interested in how the Supreme Court functions in our system of government.

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