Long to Reign?: The Survival of Monarchies in the Modern World

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At the beginning of the twentieth century, monarchy was by far the most common form of government: emperors sat on the thrones of Germany, Austria-Hungary, Persia, China, Russia and the Ottoman Empire, while there were kings of Bulgaria, Serbia, Italy, Romania, Greece, Korea and Cambodia. After he lost his throne in 1952, King Farouk of Egypt predicted that by the end of the century there would be only five kings: the kings of hearts, aces, clubs and spades, and the King of England. That prediction has not come true, for there remain the Emperor of Japan and the kings of Thailand, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Saudi-Arabia and Jordan and the queen of the Netherlands, in addition to the British queen. Malaysia is a kingdom of sorts, and Spain has become one again. The number of monarchies has appreciably diminished, yet monarchies and dynasties continue to have charisma: the appeal of the House of Habsburg remains potent in Austria and Hungary, the Romanovs have supporters in Russia, and even in France a recent public opinion poll showed nearly one in five would welcome a restored monarchy. Divided into three sections, this book examines the various common denominators in those countries which have retained their monarchies, and concludes with an argument for the important role played by monarchies as agents of continuity, guarding and representing the national ethos.

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  1. Jennifer A. Brownell
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    No analysis, no predictions….not what it seems., February 1, 2008
    Jennifer A. Brownell (SEMINOLE, FL, United States) –

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    This review is from: Long to Reign?: The Survival of Monarchies in the Modern World (Hardcover)

    This book seems like a forward looking analysis on whether or not certain monarchies will be able to last much longer. Unfortunately, it only looks that way! Ninety percent of the book is actually a history of monarchies, with a lot of space given to the assassinations of the 19th century. When he finally does get to the modern context, he spends so much time on Arabia and Asia, that the reader is left thinking, “Hey, what about the Queen!” He gives a nice, high-school level report on the current state of monarchies, and then drops off with asking the readier “are they long to reign?” Well, I thought that’s what YOU, the author was supposed to be telling us!

    He says almost nothing about the modern day anti-monarchy movements in Britain, which one would think to be key in a discussion of potential over-throws. There is very little scholarship going one here, and I recommend that you not waist your money. I can not recommend alternative reading, because I have still yet to find any decent works on this topic. (hint, hint to you political science scholars out there. Give me a book!)

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