Lawyer Negotiation: Theory, Practice and Law

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This exciting new coursebook is designed to teach students how to represent clients effectively in negotiating settlements and deals.

Written by the authors of a successful comprehensive casebook on the full range of dispute resolution, this book:

  • includes all of the negotiation material in their RESOLVING DISPUTES text
  • presents additional material on telephone and e-mail negotiation; gender, culture, and race; mediating for negotiation advantage; and policy limitations on negotiation
  • offers current readings, carefully edited for teaching purposes
  • is organized into 14 topical chapters, ideal for a 14-15 week course or a more concentrated course
  • is accompanied by a unique teaching DVD available free of charge to adopters. The 18-chapter, 120-minute DVD presents professional-quality video of negotiation and mediation created by the authors, as well as excerpts from leading mediation videos
  • is accompanied by a thorough Teacher’s Manual with detailed syllabi, teaching notes, discussion points, exercises, simulations, role-plays, and suggestions for movies and film clips. The Teacher’s Manual shows how teachers can bring classes alive by coordinating text, roleplays, and DVD video of experts playing the students’ roles

    LAWYER NEGOTIATION concentrates on building practical skills:

  • the text integrates theory with skills and strategies, ethics, the law, and multiple practice applications, with greater emphasis than other texts on issues that students will encounter in legal practice
  • presents the lawyer’s perspective as a professional agent for clients
  • includes examples from headline cases, literature, and practice
  • draws on the authors’ extensive experience as negotiation teachers, trainers, and practitioners
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