Practicing Persuasive Written & Oral Advocacy: Case File II (Problem Supplement)

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This text will expose you to the many documents used in preparing for trial and appellate advocacy by providing a complete set of documents to supplement your persuasive legal writing, pre-trial practice, appellate advocacy, or moot court class. Case File II spotlights First Amendment and substantive tort issues that teach you how to argue legal and factual issues, extrapolate issues from the record, find evidentiary support for their position, and grapple with challenges of scope of review and harmless error. <p class=copymedium><b>Practicing Persuasive Written and Oral Advocacy: Case File II</b> demonstrates the link between the classroom and the courtroom:a simulated case, Coburn v. Martinez, is based on actual events and offers high human-interest value<li class=copymedium>documents are designed to achieve precise teaching objectives; they faithfully replicate reality, but improve upon it<li class=copymedium>the case file includes: a compliant, defensive motions with supporting and opposing declaration, depositions, and a detailed record-on-appeal transcript<li class=copymedium>exercises may contain one or more memoranda and oral arguments before the trial courts, as well as briefs and oral arguments before an appellate courts</ul>

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