The Leading Arbitrators’ Guide to International Arbitration Second Edition

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The Leading Arbitrators’ Guide to International Arbitration-Second Edition is completely revised and expanded in this all new edition. It offers thoughtful advice and insights into the world of international arbitration from some of the most prominent and experienced international arbitrators in the world. The contributors are arbitrators from Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA. The contributors offer insights and advice on the way in which international arbitrations are carried out from the point of view of arbitrators reading pleadings and memorials and listening to witnesses and hearing arguments. The authors’ discussions are intended to be thoughtful, insightful and useful – and perhaps, occasionally, iconoclastic. As a result, there may be instances in which the authors disagree with one another on certain points. This is to be expected for there are often many routes that can be taken to achieve a result. Occasionally, more than one point of view is set out within an individual chapter. This is a positive result of an intranet that was set up to allow the contributors to review and comment upon the drafts of their colleagues. Where appropriate, this has allowed some chapters to include something of a survey of opinion on a particular issue from a number of the world’s leading arbitrators. The book will be useful not only to persons who may serve as arbitrators in international arbitral proceedings but also to those who may, in their position as advocates, wish to persuade persons -including, perhaps, the authors.

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