Police Operations: Theory and Practice

By in Criminal Procedure on February 3, 2013

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  • Engages students and instructors alike with numerous and lively real-world cases and examples, including relevant Supreme Court cases.
  • Clarifies critical procedures including new content on dealing with HAZMAT incidents, critical infrastructure failure (e.g., bridge collapses) and pandemics.
  • Reinforces the most important topics with a three-point approach to learning that includes “Do You Know” questions that open each chapter with key concepts and learning objectives, highlights throughout that discuss these concepts , and chapter summaries that close each chapter with a repeat and review of the information.
  • Encourages students to apply what they are learning with application exercises that require them to write actual policies and procedures based on what they’ve learned, critical thinking exercises that ask them to apply their knowledge to actual cases, and discussion questions that challenge them to further apply the chapter material to real life.
  • Hones readers’ research skills with “Gale Emergency Database Assignments” at the end of each chapter.

This introductory book will establish a solid foundation in all of the major areas of police operations, with a focus on community-oriented and problem-oriented policing that reflects the current direction of progressive police departments. Now in its 5th edition, POLICE OPERATIONS: THEORY AND PRACTICE offers the same solid, comprehensive presentation of basic policing principles and practices that previous editions are known for, while also including the latest research on patrol techniques, cultural diversity, and changes in police administration policy. With an author team that combines extensive practical and professional knowledge with strong experience in the development of instructional materials, this book is an ideal resource for anyone who plans to pursue a career in law enforcement.

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