How to Succeed as a Trial Lawyer

By in Trial Practice on June 11, 2013

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Discover up-front what effective trial lawyers eventually learn “on the job,” including every aspect of the civil litigation process, from the first client meeting through appellate argument. This instructive primer will help you avoid the mistakes inexperienced litigators frequently make, and learn what the traditional texts miss, including:

• Dealing with support staff, witnesses, other lawyers, mediators, arbitrators, judges, and jurors
• Drafting pleadings, internal memos, motions, briefs, discovery, jury instructions, and settlement agreements
• Presenting an effective plaintiff’s case or defense in the courtroom
• Coping with stress and creating a life beyond the practice of law, and much more!

This essential resource includes useful practice checklists, tables of rules cited in the text, and a detailed index for quick reference to just what you need.

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