Introduction to Air Law

By in Air & Space on July 6, 2013

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Time and again, through seven previous editions, Introduction to Air Law has proven itself a comprehensive and up-to-date view of all the main components making up this interesting and topical branch of international law. Coverage includes such aspects as liability of the carrier, insurance, product liability, sovereignty in airspace, aviation personnel, organisations and conventions, automation, liability for damage, search and rescue operations, and criminal offenses such as hijacking.

In addition to the books well-known detailed analysis of the Warsaw System and the Chicago Convention on Civil Aviation still the two main pillars of present-day aviation legislation this thoroughly revised and updated edition incorporates material on such crucial new and emerging issues as the following:

  • the enormous change in basic assumptions and perceptions regarding aviation security that have come about as a result of the increase in international terrorism;
  • the effect of the coming into force of the Montreal Convention 1999 on liability of air carriers and the Cape Town Convention 2001 on security interests in mobile equipment;
  • the advent of the European Aviation Safety Agency;
  • the growth of the European `single sky initiative; and
  • new rules in such areas as insurance, the right to fly, and liability for maintenance of aircraft.

The Eighth Edition adds a completely new chapter on European law in the field of air transport, and the presentation throughout brings the books coverage of aviation jurisprudence up to date, with relevant new cases from the US, the UK, and elsewhere. An index by subject and an extensive bibliography complete the volume.

The many practitioners, officials, business people, and academics with a professional interest in aviation law will appreciate this new edition of one of the fundamental works in the field, and newcomers will discover an incomparable resource.

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