Law School Without Fear: Strategies for Success (Academic Text/Reader)

By in Educational Law & Legislation on February 26, 2013

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This concise, plain-spoken book is the single indispensable guide for beginning law students. Field-tested by students all over the country for more than a dozen years for its practicality and its psychological realism, it has proved an invaluable introduction to: Cutting through the fog of case analysis; Minimizing the bewilderment of the Socratic method; Studying law; Writing for law school; Preparing for exams and exam writing; Managing precious time; Coping with the emotional stress of law study.

3 thoughts on “Law School Without Fear: Strategies for Success (Academic Text/Reader)

  1. 1
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    3.0 out of 5 stars
    A little dull, January 15, 2003
    By A Customer

    There is interesting and valuable information in this book, but the presentation — the writing — is about as dull as you can find. I would recommend it as supplemental material, but not your first read prior to law school. I can recommend “Acing You First Year Of Law School” by S.C. Noyes & H.S. Noyes. It touches on the same material, but the writing is leaner and far more approachable.

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  2. Bruce_in_LA "reader_in_LA"
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    NOT worth the money, August 9, 2003
    Adam Woodrum (Las Vegas, NV) –

    I was asked to read this relatively expensive book before my one-week intro to law class. I am not impressed. It seems very dry and very basic and mostly tells you what you will learn in the first year. Well, I plan to finish my first year so I suppose I will learn everything they want me to know. I have no fear of law school, so maybe I’m biased. There are also several pages dedicated to grammar. Useful enough, but hardly information that is going to allow me to attack law school without fear. Oh, and if you don’t have a BASIC understanding of the purpose of the US Constitution (as included in this book, along with advice like being prepared for class), maybe you should reconsider attending law school. Please, please, please, go to a library and look at this book. If you feel you still need it at that point, buy a used copy. It won’t be heavily used.
    Further, their “examples” are just notable cases with different names that you will encounter in law school. That may be beneficial, but it seems pointless to hide a real case under pseudonyms. We actually have to learn these things at some point.
    I don’t regret reading it, and I suppose that it true with any book I read. Nobody knows everything and I sure don’t claim to.
    I’ll get to my point and say that there are so many better books on the market. Look at the recommendation section above to find some. Of course, I may be wrong! : ) Happy reading.

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  3. 3
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Informative overview of the legal system and the law, February 17, 2000
    Bruce_in_LA “reader_in_LA” (los angeles, ca United States) –

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    This book was recommended in a class I took which had both law students and non-law graduate students like public health students. I found it a very readable introduction to both the legal system and the basics of law. Topics include the concept of jurisdiction, different levels of appeal, rulings vs. dicta, different types of law (legislative, administrative, common law, etc.) While the book is targeted at people about to start law school, it may be surprisingly interesting for the general reader as well. Even sections on how to summarize cases and write essays on law, might carry over to other kinds of professional writing as well.

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