The Employer’s Legal Handbook: Manage Your Employees & Workplace Effectively

By in Labor Law on March 21, 2013

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New laws affect every aspect of being an employer — from interviewing and hiring to handling employee benefits and firings.

The Employer’s Legal Handbook is the most complete guide to your legal rights and responsibilities as an employer. This essential guide shows you how to comply with the most recent workplace laws and regulations, run a safe and fair workplace, and avoid lawsuits. Learn everything you need to know about:

. Hiring: Understand the legal guidelines for hiring employees, writing job descriptions, conducting interviews and investigating applicants.
. Smart personnel practices: What to include in employee personnel files, employee handbooks, performance reviews and references for former employees.
. Wages & hours: Comply with federal and state overtime and minimum wage requirements.
. Employee benefits: Learn the ins and outs of wage and hour laws, retirement plans and health insurance.
. Workplace health and safety: Comply with OSHA requirements, and implement policies on smoking, drugs and alcohol abuse.
. Discrimination: Prevent sexual harassment and discrimination based on age, race, pregnancy, sexual orientation and national origin.
. Termination and layoffs: Avoid wrongful termination cases, conduct a final meeting and protect your business information when employees leave.
. Laws affecting small business practices: Everything you need to know about the Americans With Disabilities Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act, health and safety issues, employee testing and more.

This edition has been completely updated to reflect the most recent changes to the law, including information on healthcare reform, changes to the FMLA, laws that address social media and much more.

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