The Lawyer’s Guide to Lead Paint, Asbestos and Chinese Drywall

By in Personal Injury on June 11, 2013

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Learn about the current issues affecting lead paint, asbestos, and Chinese drywall litigation cases with this book. Written from both the plaintiff and defense perspective, the guide offers advice on defending a case and a state-by-state summary for comparison and the future of each of these unique litigation issues. It also includes strategies for the defense when trying a case and identifies issues that often arise or should be considered when prosecuting.

One thought on “The Lawyer’s Guide to Lead Paint, Asbestos and Chinese Drywall

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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Kaminsky Tackles the “Holy Trinity” of Toxic Torts!, November 10, 2011
    Mr. C

    This review is from: The Lawyer’s Guide to Lead Paint, Asbestos and Chinese Drywall (Paperback)

    When I was a child, I recall my dad cancelling a summer vacation in Rockaway because he thought the money was better spent on a backyard bomb shelter. Yes, Dad believed that either the Russians or the Chinese were gonna bomb us and that it was important for our family to survive in a post apocalyptic world. Thankfully, the bombs never came. Later in life, we had to fear other things like lead paint and asbestos.

    Like any other “do it your selfer” would do, I took these monsters head on and conducted lead and asbestos abatement in my home. Of course, I did not take the right precautions and who knows what happened to me. Just my luck, when I encapsulated my walls thinking I was doing a good thing in covering up that lead, it turns out I bought that inexpensive drywall that came from China. Well folks, in a word, I felt like I was totally screwed!

    That was until Alan Kaminsky decided that he was not going to sit idly by and take it anymore! Just like Springsteen put out The Rising after 9/11 to mend our hearts and souls, Kaminsky comes forth with what I consider his third Opus, “The Lawyer’s Guide to Lead Paint, Asbestos and Chinese Drywall” (yes, I am a huge fan of his prior works, “A Complete Guide to Premises Security Litigation” and “A Complete Guide to Lead Poisoning Litigation”). Simply put, Kaminsky’s latest effort is awesome! I keep it in my Kindle and read it over and over as it is my new bible.

    Though the book is clearly geared toward lawyers, I think the title unintentionally does a disservice by limiting its audience. So what if I did not get to go to law school. Afterall, I watch a lot of films about law and I am a huge fan of the legal drama genre. I know enough to get by if you know what I am saying. You do not have to be a lawyer to enjoy this book.

    Well, feeling like a lawyer, I bought a copy book to see what I would do about the lead paint and asbestos that I foolishly covered with that Chinese drywall. Let’s just say my eyes were opened wide! This book became a “how to” guide to get the drywall out of my house along with the lead and asbestos. (I just wish he had a companion book on how to deal with the EPA when they came a knockin’ with questions on what I did with the stuff…hint hint…get going Mr. Kaminsky!)

    Like Tolkein did with the Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings and the Two Towers, Kaminsky takes us on a magical and inspired joy ride through lead, asbestos and Chinese drywall. He uses allegory, hyperbole sarcasm and a bit of wit tell the story how a lawyer would get this stuff out of his house or how to deal with the litigation fall out.

    I will admit that I miss Kaminsky’s old sidekick, Bottari. The two had an unspeakable synergy, much like Jagger and Richards. However, Ms. Campbell makes a worthy substitute. I would like to see this duo tackle some of the other dangers we see like black mold; acid rain; cicadas; ghosts; and piracy. Please Alan, do not deny your fanbase.

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