Wrecked: Your Legal Rights in a Motorcycle Accident

By in Personal Injury on August 23, 2013

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As a biker, you already know that every time you hit the road you’re a target for careless motorists. No matter how careful and experienced you are, the negligent actions of another driver can happen just too fast to avoid. But if you are injured in a bad crash, you don’t have to be a target twice. You don’t have to be a target for smooth-talking insurance adjusters who will do everything they can to avoid paying your claim, or pay you far less than you are entitled to as appropriate compensation for your serious injuries. When it comes to motorcycle accidents and the law, like anything else, knowledge is power. What you don’t know can and will hurt you.

In representing motorcyclists who’ve been badly injured, I’ve learned there are a lot of “urban legends” floating around out there about how this process works. Some are true, and some aren’t, and most riders don’t have a clue. After all, if they’ve never wrecked before, why would they? That’s why I’ve written this book – to provide you, the injured motorcyclist, with some clear, essential information to help you make the right decisions, right away. You only get one shot. Make it count.

Whether you’ve already been injured in a motorcycle crash, or have an interest in learning more should that dark day ever happen, this book will give you valuable, basic information that can help you avoid making killer mistakes that could wreck your case. It’s written in plain English to tell you what to do, where to go, and how to manage the process of pursuing your claim against that negligent driver.

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    Insight on how to settle motorcycle claims, May 12, 2011
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    The book provides input on how everyone plays their cards when it comes to at fault or no fault accidents and gives the Motorcyclist to all the cards being played with the adjuster when he is offering to settle the actual damages on your property and also injuries. It is a straight forward book that would be better read before the accident occurs than after the accident occurs. In my case I wish I would have known several things the book describes that would have helped us considerably when my wife drove her scooter into the side of a pickup truck who pulled direclty out in front of her path and totalled the scooter and broken shoulder and arm and lots of road rash. It is writtne in an easy to understand format and covers just about all of the legal items needed to be settle your claim and also advice on how not to be a victim of the legal system when you wreck

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